Real Stories

  • PushpaWhen Pushpa was 7 years old, in the year 2007, her father suffered from paralysis and his right side was disabled. Her parents were garbage workers. The family had migrated from Shankarpally and now lives in Papireddy Nagar. They collect garbage from houses in a nearby colony and are paid by its residents. Her mother works as a domestic maid also.As her father was not in a position to attend to the work, Pushpa was forced to help her mother. Miss. Rosy spoke to the girl and enquired whether she was interested in education. The girl said she was, but, there was no chance for her to go to school. When Rosy offered help, Pushpa said she needed her parents’ support. Rosy spoke many times to her parents, motivating them to send their child to school. After persistent efforts, they allowed the girl to attend school.After joining the school she was given basic education and within a year was admitted in a class appropriate for her age. She is now studying in 8th standard. She got 95% marks in the 8th class examination conducted in the month of March. Now, her parents feel proud about their girl.

  • KasturiEventhough Kasturi was 5 years old in 2007, she was not named. Her parents Chukkamma and Venkatesham comes from Chintal, a different part of Hyderabad city. The couple are blessed with 5 children and Kasturi is the eldest of them. Miss. Rosy saw this girl in the year 2007 while she was picking rag. Upon conversation with the girl it was understood that the she goes for begging at traffic junctions also. She gives away all the money she earned thus to her parents.Rosy asked whether she doesn’t like going to school like her parents. She said though she is interested, her parents don’t like to send her to school. Rosy then spoke to her parents and it needed long sessions for a couple of months to convince them. At last they agreed to send her to school. For 3 years she attended school regularly and impressed her teachers as an intelligent girl.However, she was dropped from school by her parents to take care of their siblings. Again it was a struggle with her parents to get her back to school. It took another few months to convince them. Now the girl is studying in 6th standard and she got 85% marks in the last annual examinations.The name “Kasturi“ was given by Miss. Rosy herself.

  • Laxmi VenkateshLaxmi Venkatesh had a very tragic time in his life before he came to Sath Sankalp on 10th June, 2012. He had lost his parents in an accident that happened when they were crossing the railway tracks. He was studying in LKG at Vijayawada at that time. He was forced to cleaning shoes of passengers in the train for food. In that period of time, somebody took him to his house and put him to labour there. But when a mobile phone went missing in that house, he was taken into suspicion. He was punished and hit on the head with an iron rod and driven out of house.Left on his own to survive, he again had to beg for food. It was the police who took him from a train from Vijayawada to Hyderabad and brought him to Miss. Rosy. She took him into Sankalp and treated him very well, took care of him and admitted him to UKG class. Today, he is studying in 3rd standard and aspires to become a soldier and serve the nation.

  • MounikaMounika had lost her father, Anjaneyulu, when she was studying in class 1. He was HIV positive. Her mother, Pramila, also died due to fever. Mounika was orphaned at that young age. She got admitted to Sankalp on 12th June 2012. She began to study in class 2 and was taken care of by Miss. Rosy. She is studying in 5th standard at present and has been consistently earning first rank in her class. She wants to be a doctor to treat poor, sick and needy people. We see a bright future for her, given her calibre and talent.A break up of expenditure on the child per month is as follows:
    • School fee: ₹250
    • Food and accommodation: ₹1350 [Includes medical, dresses, stationery expenses]

    We are hopeful that well-wishers would appreciate nurturing such brilliant children to grow into great citizens of the nation. We welcome contributors.

  • AjayAjay was with his parents, Ramulu and Chandramma, in their village, before a bout of fever caused their death. Orphaned at a tender age, he was taken in by Miss. Rosy at Sankalp on June 14 2015, and was taken care of. He has since been happily staying at Sankalp and has had his education and food been provided. He joined UKG coming to Sankalp and is at present studying in class 2. He loves to become a police officer and wants to catch thieves. He is a smart boy with great aptitude.

  • G.Anjali and G.ManjalaAnjali and Manjala are yet another pair of children at Sankalp who has been orphaned due to the death of her parents, Kistappa and Balamma, due to illness following them being HIV positive. They joined Sankalp on June 14 2012. They study in UKG now. Anjali likes to be a doctor. Manjala like to be a teacher. Miss. Rosy ensures that they are getting all the love, support and inspiration they need to grow into brilliant children.

  • K.ManikantaManikanta was too young when he lost his parents, Prakash and Durga, to HIV related ailments. He joined Sankalp on June 14 2015 and started education from nursery. He is now studying in UKG. He is blind in the right eye as he has lost his right eye ball. Miss. Rosy is taking good care of him, providing him with food and education.

  • G.VinodaVinoda’s parents, Kistappa and Balamma died due to Tuberculosis and HIV complications. On 6th June 2011, having none to take care of her, she joined Sankalp. She has been a brilliant student and is currently studying in 9th standard. She scores high in the class and has the complete support and appreciation of Miss. Rosy, who takes care of her food, living and education at Sankalp. She is a talented singer and has the ambition to become a singer. She wants to sing in movies too. She already sings in private functions and participates in cultural programmes. She is a brilliant child we are happy to be bringing up in whatever way we can at Sankalp.

  • K.Supriya and K.Praveen KumarSupriya and Praveen Kumar, hailing from Surampally, Medak,  had a rocky life, beginning with their parents’ death due to sickness. Their stay with their grandmother also was cut short by her demise. They were then taken care of by their aunt for a while, who had to leave them after she got married. In such an orphaned state, their aunt and the village sarpanch enrolled them to Sankalp on July 20 2011. Supriya started learning in nursery and now studies in 1st standard. Praveen started education at Sankalp in 2nd standard and now studies in 4th standard. Supriya likes to become a doctor and treat old people. Praveen wants to become a police officer.

  • Kamaru ChaitaniyaChaitanya had lost his father, Ramulaiya, to illness in 2004. His mother, Govindamma, too died in 2009, leaving him to the care of his aunt, who worked as domestic worker in households to sustain him. In a while, she had to bring him and enroll him to Sankalp on April 15 2010. Under the care of Miss. Rosy, he has been provided with food, shelter and education facilities. He has today grown up to be a very talented and able artist who can paint very well. He aspires to become a big artist and painter in the future and also like to be an architect engineer when he grows up.

  • Mohd. AkbarAkbar, son of Ahmed, was discovered by police when the driver and cleaner of a truck found him sleeping under the truck. The policemen handed him over to Sankalp on June 12 2012, where he was identified as a mentally retarded boy. Miss. Rosy took good care of him providing him food, shelter and education. He is currently studying in UKG.

  • Sai Teja and AnupamaSai Teja and Anupama lost their mother, Jyothi, as she fell into the lake she went to wash clothes in and drowned. Both her mother’s body and themselves remained unclaimed and hence police handed them over to Sankalp on May 31 2011. They found home at Sankalp. Sai is presently studying in LKG. He is a brilliant student who wishes to be a police officer someday. Anupama is presently studying in UKG and aspires to be a social worker like Miss. Rosy and work for poor people and children.

  • AkhilaAkhila’s mother Peddamma, left her at Koti bus stand, where she roamed around for a few days. Then she got into a bus and landed at R.C. Puram bus stop and came to be taken by the police who found her wandering in the bus stand. After knowing her story, she was brought to Sankalp. She was enrolled in Sankalp on November 29 2008. She started her education from nursery at Sankalp and she is studying in 3rd standard now. She is very good at studies and want to become a doctor.

  • D.Renuka, Anusha and MadhaviRenuka, Anusha and Madhavi lost their parents in an accident. They came under the care of Sankalp, after being brought here by some kind-hearted people, from June 5 2010. They started living at Sankalp and started learning at school from nursery. Renuka and Anusha are now studying in LKG. Renuka likes to be a teacher and Anusha likes to be a nurse. Madhavi is studying in 2nd standard and wants to become a teacher.

  • JayaJaya’s parents died due to sickness. She was stranded and unattended to in her village and was wandering, when a kind-hearted person brought her to Sankalp and got her enrolled. Miss. Rosy has been providing food, shelter and education to her since. Jaya now studies in 2nd standard. She wants to become a teacher and serve poor children.

  • K.RenukaRenuka lost her parents to sickness. She was left to beg and pick rags on the streets of Papi Reddy Colony. She somehow reached Sankalp and under the care of Miss. Rosy, she was well taken care of. She started education from nursery at Sankalp and is studying in 4th standard now. She is a brilliant student and wants to become a Collector (IAS officer).

  • V.GeethaGeetha, daughter of Shankaraiah, was orphaned after her father drowned in a pond and later, her mother died of illness. She was brought to Sankalp on 5th September 2005. She joined nursery and now is studying in 5th standard. Under Miss. Rosy’s care, she is growing into a very brilliant child, who aspires to be an Engineer.

  • U.Chotu SinghChotu Singh, hailing from Rajasthan, son of Managal Singh and Bhadasya, has been an unfortunate kid, who had to run away from his family due to threat on his life. This threat came after his parents were killed following a property dispute. He had an uncle, aunty, 2 brothers and 1 elder sister. It was his uncle who asked him to escape and he boarded the Rajkot Express, came to Hyderabad and stayed in the train for a week, before he was discovered by the Railway Police. He was handed over to Sankalp from their custody on 25th July 2012. He was heartily welcomed and was given good food, shelter and education facilities. He joined in 2nd standard at Sankalp. He studies well and has the desire to be a doctor and serve poor people.

  • SaiTragedy struck Sai when his mother committed suicide in Miyapur lake. He came under Police custody following this and was later handed over to Sankalp, under the care of Miss. Rosy on September 1 2010. He started living in the orphanage and began his schooling from nursery at Sharada Vidya Nikethan. He did well in academics. He wants to become a police officer in the future.

  • PoojaPooja, hailing from Rajasthan, ran away from home after finding it unbearable to tolerate her parents’ fights over petty issues. She boarded a train and reached Hyderabad. She was alone and wandering at the station while Miss. Rosy found her and took her under the shelter of Sankalp. It was later known that her father had died. She is now studying in 2nd standard and doing well in studies. She likes to serve the poor and needy.