Sankalp Foundation – a haven for children in need

Welcome to Sankalp Foundation; the organisation dedicated to the development of children in need.

We aim at the total development of destitute and orphaned children. In addition to imparting modern education, our focus is also on their physical and cognitive development. To realize these objectives, activities such as learning, drawing, dancing, sports and games are equally given importance in our activity schedule.

Message from the Founder

Education is one of the most effective tools that can eradicate poverty and strengthen our Nation. Many children of today are deprived of education and even of the basic needs of life like food, shelter and education because of poverty and lack of opportunities. It is important to build a strong generation that is capable enough to stand by its own and direct India towards a bright side creating opportunities and eliminating poverty.

Sankalp foundation has taken it as a challenge and striving to build such a strong generation by providing the basic needs with quality education in a child-friendly and healthy atmosphere to the deprived children.  Many Orphans, semi-orphans, street children, child laborious, rag pickers, and children from beggary families are rehabilitated and being provided a quality education and self supporting skills coupled with moral values.

We all have such responsibility to take care and save this generation from the deprivation and lack of opportunities. It is essential for all of us to contribute in whatever way possible to build a nation where there no space for poverty.  I’ve committed my life to save the destitute and needy children, taking it as an obligation as a citizen of India, rather than just a voluntary service.

Miss. Rosy Gundra
Founder, Sankalp Foundation

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